foto-jpgHi! My name is Agata. I'm a designer. I specialize in web design. And this is my blog:]
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How to design a great website


You might not care how your website works or looks when you do it just for fun or just as a formality. But if you expect for your website to be the tool that ultimately will help you make more money, you should take it serious. If you are thinking about hiring a pro for the job, read on, hopefully this will help you find one that will deliver best results.

The CMS curse


There is the time in the life of each designer when you need to deliver a project to your client. Several times a year or few times a month, doesn't really matter. The work is done, you did everything you could, to deliver the best product. You covered all your corners. It's time to let your project live it's own life, outside your supervision. Sometimes you will get to work on it, nourish it, polish and make even better. But sometimes when you least expect, it'll come back from the grave to bite you in the ass. This is exactly what this story is about...



I love improvement, I love to learn, to explore and experience. I think that's the goal of our life to learn from experience and get better. Of course, whenever the life throws at me situation that forces me to leave my comfort zone and make the effort to change. I get angry at first and I'm unwilling to jump into the deep watter. But once I do the first step. Once the wheels start spinning. Then the learning and experiencing new things give me immense pleasure and satisfaction. That's probably why I like so much to watch conference videos, interviews, TED presentations. I love podcasts, blogs and books. But...

We are problem solvers.


Design is not about color matching, ablility to use wacom tablet or producing logo in 15 minutes. Design is about problem solving. The fact that designers tend to give their sollutions in a beautifull packaging and on a silver platter is another story.