Hi, my name is Agata and I’m a designer, I specialize in web design. What I really love the most is to solve problems and build stuff. I did it when I was little and I do it now. Can't imagine I could do something else. Design is in my nature. Also, I love to create stuff that is useful to others :-)

A huge part of my design process is to do something and learn from it. Although I consider myself a trained professional I know that there is always room for improvement. One of those things I would like to improve are my writing skills, hence this blog. Cause believe or not, writing skills are just as essential for designer as drawing skills. You know that practice makes perfect, right? I can always use some good topic idea for a blog post so if you have one, just drop me a line.

I write about the design in general, but also about how to do something online or with your website to make it work better. Some posts that I wrote were initially e-mails to my clients but I reckoned if my they find it useful you might too.

I'm happy you read my blog :-) don't hesitate to visit it again and make sure you subscribe to my rss feed.

If you want to see what I do on daily basis you can check my personal website or my business website

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