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Frame labels in timeline animation using as3

I didn't have many oportunities to go wild (yeah I said it!) with actionscript 3 lately. Therefore when the other day I was working on rather simple thing, I got stuck, to say the least. But let's face it, even actionscript superstars (i'm not talking about myself, duh!) sometimes forget about simplest things, for that occasion is this post.

Random numbers generator - as3

Random numbers are an indispensable part of many Flash applications, but sometimes the simplest code can cause problems. Recently I needed a simple random number generator that of a pool of numbers will draw 10 random numbers. Below I present a simple code and source files for download, for those interested :-)

Actionscript 3 random

This article originated mainly from my personal needs. I often need to generate a random value in AS 3.0, but not always remember exactly how to generate specific random number. So I gathered some useful lines of code that I personaly use. Hope you find them useful :-)