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How to design a great website


You might not care how your website works or looks when you do it just for fun or just as a formality. But if you expect for your website to be the tool that ultimately will help you make more money, you should take it serious. If you are thinking about hiring a pro for the job, read on, hopefully this will help you find one that will deliver best results.

We are problem solvers.


Design is not about color matching, ablility to use wacom tablet or producing logo in 15 minutes. Design is about problem solving. The fact that designers tend to give their sollutions in a beautifull packaging and on a silver platter is another story.

What kind of website costs 200 bucks

What kind of website costs 200 bucks

Web designers value their work, it's a known fact no doubt about it. And when you hire a designer, and it's not a school boy who lives with his parents, have no major commitments and make websites to earn some extra cash for the movies, chances are that you will pay a fair amount of money. So is a 200$ website a really a lost cause? Not necessarily.