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I love improvement, I love to learn, to explore and experience. I think that's the goal of our life to learn from experience and get better. Of course, whenever the life throws at me situation that forces me to leave my comfort zone and make the effort to change. I get angry at first and I'm unwilling to jump into the deep watter. But once I do the first step. Once the wheels start spinning. Then the learning and experiencing new things give me immense pleasure and satisfaction. That's probably why I like so much to watch conference videos, interviews, TED presentations. I love podcasts, blogs and books. But...

Modularity of the world


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For the past two months I had the opportunity to design several responsive sites. Responsive design requires from a designer particular way of thinking. We do not have clearly defined boundaries by the most popular screen resolution. Currently, the content is poured out in all directions possible. One of the ways to somehow embrace it all is the assumption that everything we put on the site should be to some extent modular. We split the content into smaller bitesize pieces so no matter what size plate we have it will be easy for us to stuff it all on it :-).