What kind of website costs 200 bucks

What kind of website costs 200 bucks

Web designers value their work, it's a known fact no doubt about it. And when you hire a designer, and it's not a school boy who lives with his parents, have no major commitments and make websites to earn some extra cash for the movies, chances are that you will pay a fair amount of money. So is a 200$ website a really a lost cause? Not necessarily.

200$? you've gotta be kidding!

I've stumbled upon an interesting blog post by a fellow designer about, why a web site does not cost 200$ (technically it was about 500PLN but I think that 200 bucks will give you better idea) Here is translated fragment of this post:

"Let's just say that the time it will take to create website will be about 50 hours of work for the team - about a week. It's really very optimistic assumption. Time for calculation. 200$ / 50 = 4 $ per hour. The three people. This gives 1.33 $ per hour. This don't include the cost of maintaining the office"

There you go, clear as day, nothing more nothing less. Well, maybe except that it's the cost of the individual design from start to finish.

Working tool.

The Internet is evolving at breakneck speed, and the only way to not fall out of the loop is to follow along with the flow. Standing still and clinging to once developed beliefs will do you no good. Not so long ago just having a website was what distinguished us from our competitors. Today, the website has become commonplace. And in addition to being our business card online it's also an important working tool. And like any good tool, website should primarily fulfill its role. If this role is to provide information, to enable contact or present an offer, than the custom made graphics or complex animations could be not that important. And we all know that custom made things cost the most. In other words, you can go to work with your own chauffeur-driven limousine, but make no mistake this option will not cost the same as driving your own old car.

Before you buy a Rolls Royce

Suppose, however, that you have 200$ and with that budget you need to start moving. If you just get rid of the illusion that for this amount you will buy mentioned above limousine (chauffeur included), that's what you can do:

Son of my friend will make me a website for 50 bucks

I do not see the problem. However, if you are serious about your business you should treat your business card on the web just as seriously. Before you hire your friend's son, make sure he has any idea what he's doing. Website made by an inexperienced person will scare away potential customers instead of attracting them. Let's be honest, the first impression matters. Also the quality 50 bucks website may leave much to be desired.

I can have a website on site X for 4$ a month with web hosting! Ha!

Yes you can, it's worth to find out whether there you can also have your own domain - ie one that you can take with you once you decide to change the service provider. I also recommend the well-read the rules and calculate the yearly cost. Keep in mind that such service usually operate on the "do it yourself" model. So you have to expect spending some time to set up and create your website.

Perhaps, then, the theme forest template or template monster?

It is certainly an option to consider. Especially for those who are not afraid to install it yourself, eg for WordPress and have enough time and desire to learn it. Remember that time is also money.

The my way

If you need a web site that will primarily fulfill its function, is well made and easy to maintain, and individual design is not so important from us at 83Msite.com starting from around 100$ with the installation on your server. All of our templates have a number of features, starting from diferent modules ending on entering your content. All that you can add to your order for an additional fee.

Back to the automotive analogy, for just 100$ you will get basic model, but for additional fee you can pimp your ride up with aircondition, alloy wheels, tinted wibdows and even (let's go crazy) a spoiler! :] And when it all will start running smoothly, sooner or later, you will be able to afford to buy your dreamed Rolls Royce ... I mean website :-)